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Performance Improvement

Corporations with highly aligned key performance indicators experience better performance than companies that have misaligned performance indicators.

Walk around the hallways of your company and ask several front-line employees if they know the three most important goals of your company. If they do, you are doing a good job communicating your strategic vision. Now, ask them if they know how they personally contribute to the goals of the company. Don't be surprised if you get blank looks. Consider that one of the first barriers to overall company performance improvement is a lack of understanding of how each employee and each position within the organization contributes to the success of the company.

The first part of our assessment focuses on how well your key performance indicators are aligned throughout your organization. After the alignment phase of our assessment, we focus on the gaps caused by misaligned goals. Our methodology continues by probing the four areas of performance - people, process, tools, and environment - to discover barriers to performance improvement. Our established tools quickly pinpoint high impact solutions that re-align your business goals and significantly improve performance.

Examples of key performance indicators

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