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Sometimes just changing your perspective can make all the difference.

The Human Side of Performance

“In any market, under any economic condition, the only true differentiator is performance.”

At iB4e, our focus is on the human side of business. We develop and implement solutions designed to improve human performance and help you achieve the tangible business results you expect.

Performance can only be optimized through direct alignment of long- and short-term business goals and the balance of People, Processes, Tools, and Environment.

At iB4e, our approach is holistic and visionary, building business partnerships that promote long-term improvement through disciplined change management and performance.


While objectives vary from project to project, Organizational Change Management (OCM) typically:

  • Drives project success, not just implementation
  • Provides a critical service to the business, by accelerating value realization of change efforts
  • Designs and implements processes focused on customer requirements
  • Develops and sustains effective broad-based sponsorship
  • Identifies and manages resistance to change
  • Anticipates, analyzes, and understands the impacts of change on people and processes
  • Designs the measures required for success and the systems and processes required to monitor them
  • Redefines jobs, roles and responsibilities
  • Considers rewards, incentives and processes as tools to drive behavior
  • Prepares the workforce for the new processes and/or environment

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